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Our Auxiliaries

Zeta Phi Beta has five International Auxiliaries which were formed to allow Women, Men, and Girls in the lives of Zeta to support the ideas, mission, and efforts of our organization. 


Zeta Amicae

The Zeta Amicae is a group of women, who do not possess a four-year degree, organized as an auxiliary for the purpose of lending assistance, supporting, and upholding in every way possible the activities, objectives, and ideals of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. 

Zeta Amicae of Tacoma

The Tacoma Amicae were established on June 30, 1972 and have over 50 years of support, and helping to extend the work our chapter does throughout the community.

Our Chapter Amicae Members are:
Elaine Bush ◇Louise Johnson ◇Aquilla Cole-Leslie
◇Carolyn K. Littles ◇ Sylvia Valentine ◇Brenda Wraggs 

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Zeta Male Network 

The mission of the Zeta Male Network is to form a strong male auxiliary to help support and enhance the programs and initiatives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Membership consists of men in the lives of Zetas that include but are not limited to: Spouses/significant others, Sigmas, clergy, community leaders, business professionals and other male Greek organizations.

Tacoma Zeta Male Network

The Tacoma Zeta Male Network was reactivated in 2019.

Our Chapter Zeta Male Network Members are:

Anwar Cooper ◇ Harry DeBose II ◇ Darrell McCutcheon Sr 
◇Darrell “DJ” McCutcheon Jr* ◇ Alan "Terry" Mitchell Sr

◇ Arlando Stephenson  


Stay Tuned...

We are reactivating our Zeta Youth Affiliates in 2023!

The Zeta Youth Affiliates:

Archonette Club: Girls in high school (ages 14-18).

Amicette Club: Girls in Middle School (ages 9-13)

Pearlette Club: Girls in Elementary School (ages 4-8) 

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